“It’s a great thing for any parent to do. It is a wonderful tool all the way around for parents and law enforcement. When a child goes missing a parent can’t think of all the details. All they can think about is getting their child back. It truly assists law enforcement in the recovery process.

I am very proud of this system and very excited about it. I can’t wait to see it used and grow. It is a really awesome tool.

I wish it had been available years ago. Thank you so much for all you are doing to help the children.”

Donna Williams, Mother of Amber Hagerman (of Amber Alert)

“AMBER CHILD SAFETY is one of the most needed organizations in the world!

Tad & Angie Camp are pioneers in the field of child protection work and their sincere concern for children is evident and well respected. They continue to work towards a common cause of protecting children from harm and changing the laws to better protect children from harm. They have the ability to conceive cases in great detail and communicate in a way that allows them to achieve a positive outcome. They are dedicated professionals, interested in working through adversity to help their clients and children. Their skill in managing difficult situations has brought excellent benefits to the general public. They have a proven track record in finding & prosecuting child abusers and pedophiles all around the world. They are experts in child welfare law, advocacy and the rights of children and helping children achieve a greater voice in the legal system. I highly recommend AMBER CHILD SAFETY and Tad & Angie Camp. Their perseverance in this difficult arena is very admirable.”

Sandra Potter, CEO & Founder, Dreamcatchers For Abused Children

“DEAR ANGIE AND TAD, I am pleased to offer an unconditional endorsement of Amber Child Safety System™ by Mothers Against Predators. I know that the information you will provide instantly to law enforcement will save lives.

When a child is stolen every second is a lifetime. Every minute another mile is put between recovery and home between life and death, or worse. Your program puts an invaluable tool in the hands of parents and law enforcement.

The panic filled minds and hearts of a mother and father searching for their child, wondering what their baby is going through are overwhelming. That is not the time to remember the pool guy’s name. Every detail contained in your program fills in a blank, provides a lead and will certainly save a life! It is a privilege to work with both of you. My heartfelt thanks for all you do and will do.”

Jaemi Levine, President & Founder, Mothers Against Predators

“ TAD AND ANGIE, I think you guys are once again in the forefront on the technology we as parents need, and aiding law enforcement, parents, volunteers, and the media with the tools necessary to locate children faster once missing. This is the most critical factor in a successful recovery. It is my opinion that this system will play a huge role in cutting down on lost time while locating a missing child. The last thing we can afford in a crisis like this, as parents or as the missing child, is time and false or inaccurate information. Worse yet, not being able to give the police every tool they need to recover our missing children faster. We allow the success rate of the abductor or rapist a better chance of getting away rather than getting caught. Having the vital information and contacts, as well as the other material contained herein, will not only aide in the initial focused recovery of a missing child, but will save manpower and resources for police departments and investigators, as well as volunteers.

I wish you the best in this endeavor and see the potential in it’s ultimate success in recovering our missing children.

As always anything we can do to help. Thank you for your vision in this fight to protect children, and your experience you both bring to the table.”

Joey Tillman, Founder, The Child Protection Community