About the author Because every child is worth protecting…

Amber Child Safety is dedicated to protecting America’s children.

What is the Amber Child Safety Systemâ„¢? This system collects your child’s information, starting with his/her description (height, weight, hair color, eye color, marks etc.) We also record and store fingerprints, dental records, and medical information.

You may be thinking: that’s nice, but other firms do that too. What makes your company a better choice for my family? The answer is simple; we don’t stop with just the basic information listed above. We are just getting started.

We collect information on your child’s relationships, specifically, adults your child has contact with. This includes family members, family friends, teachers, sports coach, piano teacher, karate instructor, and friend’s parents just to name a few.

Our goal is to collect the information needed to conduct a complete and thorough investigation into abduction or missing child cases. The time saved by police in the first few hours could mean the difference between safe recoveries and..well, you get the point.

Naturally, we recommend you keep the information updated and as complete as possible.


To aid in the recovery of abducted and missing children by providing high speed, cost effective communication tools to law enforcement and the communities they serve. Our top priority is the safe recovery of missing and abducted children.

Statement from the Amber Child Safety Systemâ„¢ creator,
Tad A. Camp:

I created this system to aid Law Enforcement in the recovery of missing and abducted children. I have worked on missing and abducted children cases across the country and have a 100% success rate. This system is based on the information I use to recover these children. The system will prompt you with questions in order to collect the most accurate information possible. We do not, for example, provide you with a blank space and ask you to give us the names and addresses of the people you can think of that has contact with your child. How many people would think to include the information on their child’s soccer coach, karate instructor, piano teacher, or best friends new step parent?

I have eliminated all the guess work about your child’s relationships. We ask specific questions about the people your child has, or may have contact with in a format designed to help you provide accurate information. I strongly encourage all parents to update the information on a regular basis.