Hi, I am Sara. All my life I was involved in sports activity: swimming, jogging, dancing, basketball, gymnastics. My favorites were gymnastics and dancing…. I have written some articles in several magazines about effects of active life produced on health.

Now I decided that it is worth to start sharing my own experience with wider audience – I mean you my dear subscribers.

I strongly believe that being involved in any kind of sport makes a person healthier and not only physically but mentally as well. And also I think that it is not always needed to be involved in top-class sports.

In order to make children be interested in sport all parents must set for them an example of healthy living, go in for sport too. And as soon as the young person is involved in sports from the very childhood he or she will start feeling that active life is becoming really necessary. They will continue doing sport in everyday life. And the older they get, the better they understand the necessity of sport.

Making sports is one of the good solutions to avoid stress in modern life, which is tough and full of troubles.

More details in my future publications. Please stay with me.